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The next generation in Containerised Smart Energy Systems.

Smart energy storage solutions for optimised energy consumption and reduced costs.

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Why Smart Energy Storage Systems are Better Than Regular Generators

Increased Energy Efficiency & Reliability

Reduced Running Costs

Lower Toxic Emissions


Flexible and Expandable to Meet Your Needs

How It Works

Increased energy efficiency and reliability through the use of battery technology

Most off-grid Reefer units are powered by diesel fuel generators.

Diesel fuel generators produce:

  • CO2
  • NOx
  • PMs

Cargostore’s Smart Energy Storage Systems use both traditional generators and renewable energy sources.

Our sophisticated Smart Energy Storage System manages the source, the storage and the dispatch of the electricity.

Our Smart Energy System tracks the peaks in load and automatically optimises power generation to reduce fuel and save money. 

Reduced Running Costs

Saving you thousands by using less diesel.

Diesel generators are designed to operate at about 75% constant load.
Fuel burn varies depending on load, the lower the load the higher the fuel consumption – litres per kWh
Diesel generators are sized according to the maximum load plus a margin for error. So they are almost always oversized and under used.

Where there are big variations between the real load, the size of the generator and especially where the load varies between peak and off peak there are potential benefits to using a Smart Energy Storage System.

Lower Toxic Emissions

Creating safer work conditions by reducing toxic emissions

Generators supplying variable loads waste fuel and money.
Generators operate most efficiently at 70% load.
Unloaded Diesel Generators are thirsty, more polluting, require more frequent servicing and have shorter life.
Users ALWAYS oversize the generator.
“Air pollution causes 1 in 8 deaths. It is the single biggest environmental health crisis we face.”

Fully Customiseable, Containerised Mobile Units

A flexible and expandable system, designed to meet your needs

Smart Energy Storage Systems can:

  1. Save up to 60% of fuel compared to standard diesel generator*
  2. Reduce runtimes of generator by more than 60%
  3. Extend service intervals by up to 400%
  4. Reduce CO2 emissions by 60%

* Depends on the average load on the generator. 60% saving typical when generator load averaging 5% or less. 5% loading is very typical in many generator setups

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