Double Door Containers

Double door containers, or tunnel containers have doors that open on both ends. These are useful for loading when space is tight and you need access to the container if they are stacked together. Doors are lockable on both ends.

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What is a Double Door Container?

A Double Door Container is like a standard shipping container which has an additional set of doors on the back of the container as well as at the front. A Double Door Container makes loading and unloading cargo simpler, as you can store and retrieve goods through both doors simultaneously.

Double Door Containers are also referred to as Tunnel Containers, as when both doors are open it can act like a tunnel with an entry and exit point.

Our Double Door Containers are ISO certified and CSC plated meaning they can be transported by road, sea, and rail.


How Big is a Double Door Container?

A Double Door Container is available in 20ft and 40ft sizes, as well as a 40ft High Cube version.


Uses for a Double Door Container

A Double Door Container can be used for the storage and transportation of all types of dry cargo. They are particularly useful for cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles as they can be loaded in through one set of doors and unloaded from the other side.

They are referred to as a Tunnel Containers as they can be used as a safe passage between two locations, most commonly on construction sites, due to their durability and safety as well as their simplicity of installation.

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