DNV Cargo Baskets

Offshore Cargo Baskets are useful for storing or transporting goods that are unusual heights and dimensions. Cargo baskets are flexible units that come with lashing points to add tarpaulins or can be used as open tops.

They can carry an unusually large weight for their size due to their shape and can be safely stacked with slings on for ease of use and to maximise floor space. Cargostore offshore baskets are certified to DNV 2.7-1 and are available from our global depot network.

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What do you use an offshore basket for?

Offshore baskets are designed for use on offshore platforms or supply vessels, so you can lift and transport cargo with ease, and for many people in search of versatile and durable containers, offshore cargo baskets are a great option. The storage and transport of non-bulky equipment, pipes, and tubular cargoes are made convenient with this container. 

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