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DNV Reefer Containers

Cargostore is the world’s largest supplier of DNV Reefer Containers. We have a full range of DNV Reefers from the standard 20ft and 40ft to the DNV Dual Voltage Twin Room Reefer. We also supply ISO Refrigerated Containers.

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10ft DNV Reefer Container

The smallest container in our Offshore Reefer range.

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10ft DNV Split Reefer

10ft DNV refrigerated container with side door.

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20ft DNV Reefer Container

The standard sized offshore reefer container. Available from Cargostore to lease or purchase.

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20ft DNV Dual Voltage, Twin Room Reefer

Operate a freezer and chiller simultaneously with dual voltage capabilities to suit many power requirements.

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Clip-On Diesel Generator for Reefer Containers

Handy diesel energy source to power reefers during transport or when they are remote from a power source.

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10ft ISO Refrigerated Container

Our compact, efficient refrigerated storage solution from our ISO range.

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20ft ISO Refrigerated Container

The standard size in portable ISO certified refrigeration storage solutions.

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40ft ISO Refrigerated Container

Suitable for storing perishable goods at depots or dockside prior to being loaded for offshore transportation.

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What does Reefer mean in shipping?

A ‘Reefer’ in shipping terms is a portable refrigerated container. These can come in either standard ISO containers which are used on ships to transport frozen goods from one location to another, or in the higher certification standard of DNV 2,7-1. The DNV reefers are stronger and more robust so they can withstand being bumped on the side of ships and offshore platforms as they are transfered from ship to platform or ship to ship whilst out at sea.

Want to know more? Check out our article ‘What is a Reefer Container and how do they work?

Need to program your reefer container? We’ve got you covered in this handy programming guide.

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