What is a Reefer Container?

A Reefer Container, also known as a Refrigerated Container is a temperature controlled solution used to store or transport frozen or cold goods, perishable items or goods that require temperature control.

A Reefer Container is a useful solution for the storage and transportation of goods that require temperature control such as foods, perishable goods and pharmaceuticals. The Reefer Container will maintain a set temperature during transit for shipping, as well for as static storage on site.

A Reefer Container can be powered by a Clip-On-Genset which is mounted to the container, or other sources of 3 phase power. During transportation the Reefer Container is connected to the ships power supply to maintain the set temperature.

Cargostore provide both DNV 2.7-1 certified Reefer Containers for offshore use as well as ISO Reefer Containers for storage on land as well as intermodal transportation.

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Why are Reefer Containers So Useful?

Broad Temperature Range

A Reefer Container can sustain a temperature in the range of -35°C to +30°C (-30°C to +30°C for Offshore Reefers).

Chilled & Frozen

A Refrigerated Container can maintain a frozen or chilled temperature to accomodate various cargo types. A Dual Temperature Reefer can do both at the same time!


Our Reefers are designed to be easily transported, making them ideal for delivering temperature dependent cargo such as food or medicine.

Intermodal Reefer Range



Cargostore’s largest Cold Storage solution. 

Units ship seperately then are joined on-site to create a flexible and expandable temperature controlled storage solution.

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Uses for a Reefer Container

Restaurants and Hotels

Reefers provide a quick solution for storage of foods, drinks and ingredients that restaurants and hotels use on a daily basis.

Seasonal Festivals and Fairs

Reefers are an ideal means for storage for foods and beverages at events. They can be easily deployed and removed when the event finishes for easy temporary storage.

Pharmaceutical Storage

Certain pharmaceuticals and other drugs need to be kept in a high controlled environment. Factors such as humidity and temperature may need to be kept at a constant or the effectiveness of the drug could be compromised.

How Does a Reefer Container Work?

A Reefer Container has a refrigeration unit which draws in the warm air and cools it to reach the desired internal temperature which is set by the user. There are also ventilation and humidity controls which may need to be altered for certain cargo types. Find out more about this process by reading our ‘How do Reefer Containers Work’ article, or learn how to set these parameters by checking ‘How To Program Your Reefer Container’.


This is the internal temperature which is set by the user. Different machinery types can maintain different temperature ranges, however, Cargostore Reefer containers usually range from -35ºC to +30ºC.


Different cargo types require different levels of ventilation. The user will set how much airflow the container allows.


Some cargo types require a certain level of moisture in the air to store correctly. This is set by the user as a relative humidity percentage. 

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