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ISO Refrigerated Containers

Explore our ISO certified range of refrigerated containers for shipping and storing perishable or temperature controlled goods. As the world’s largest supplier of DNV refrigerated containers we offer a wide range of sizes from 10ft containers through to our massive BlizzardStore; several 40ft refrigerated containers combined together. 

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Cargostore’s largest Cold Storage solution. 

Units ship seperately then are joined on-site to create a flexible and expandable temperature controlled storage solution.

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Vaccine-Storage-Container-Cargostore Worldwide

20ft SuperCold Vaccine Storage

Store pharmaceuticals down to -70 degrees celcius in our SuperCold Vaccine Storage Container.

Suitable for the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine.

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10ft Refrigerated Container

Our compact, efficient refrigerated storage solution.

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20ft Refrigerated Container

The standard size in portable refrigeration storage solutions.

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Clip-On Genset

For supplying power to a refrigerated container when it is remote from a power source.

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10ft DNV Reefer Container

The smallest container in our Offshore Reefer range.

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20ft DNV Reefer Container

The standard sized offshore reefer container. Available from Cargostore to lease or purchase.

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20ft DNV Dual Voltage, Twin Room Reefer

Operate a freezer and chiller simultaneously with dual voltage capabilities to suit many power requirements.

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Cargostore’s ISO shipping and storage containers are available for lease or purchase. We stock a huge range of standard and special containers including standard dry, refrigerated units, hazardous goods containers, flatracks and platforms, full access side doors, mining containers and more. 

We also stock container accessories such as ramps, heavy duty padlocks and lockboxes, lighting, moisture traps and more.

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