ISO Refrigerated Containers

Explore our ISO certified range of refrigerated containers for shipping and storing perishable or temperature controlled goods. As the world’s largest supplier of DNV refrigerated containers we offer a wide range of sizes from 10ft containers through to our massive BlizzardStore; several 40ft refrigerated containers combined together. 

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10ft Refrigerated Container

Our compact, efficient refrigerated storage solution.


20ft Refrigerated Container

The standard size in portable refrigeration storage solutions.


20ft Event Reefer Container

A standard 20ft reefer with additional safety features.


40ft Refrigerated Container

Our largest size standard ISO refrigerated container solution.


20ft Dual Temperature Container

Run freezer and chiller sections seperately, with an additional side door to access both compartments.


40ft Dual Temperature Container

Our largest dual temperature ISO reefer with a moveable partition wall and additional side door.


20ft SuperCold Vaccine Storage

Store pharmaceuticals down to -70 degrees celcius in our SuperCold Vaccine Storage Container.



Units ship seperately then are joined on-site to create expandable, temperature controlled storage.

Clip-on-Genset offshore Container

Clip-On Genset

For supplying power to a refrigerated container when it is remote from a power source.

What is a Refrigerated Container?

A Refrigerated Container is a shipping container installed with a cooling unit to keep goods at a regulated temperature.

Refrigerated Containers often referred to as Reefer Containers are designed to store or transport perishable goods such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, or flowers.


What Temperature can Refrigerated Containers Reach?

A standard Refrigerated Container typically has a temperature range of -35°C to +30°C, meaning they can keep goods frozen, chilled, and even warmed, regardless of the external temperature of their surroundings.

Cargostore also offer specialised refrigerated containers such as the SuperCold Vaccine storage container which can reach -70°C, as well as the Dual Temperature Container which can operate with a freezer and chiller section simultaneously.


How are Refrigerated Containers Powered?

Refrigerated Shipping Containers require a three-phase alternating current (AC) source of power. This could be from several sources including:


How Big is a Refrigerated Container?

ISO Refrigerated Shipping Containers usually come in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes, although there are other sizes which are far less common such as 45’ Refrigerated Containers.

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20 and 40ft Reefers Available in the UAE

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