Cargostore Sponsor The Red Devils

Army Parachute Display Team

Who are the Red Devils? 

The Red Devils Army Parachute Display Team is the official parachute display team of the British Army and the Parachute Regiment.

Founded in 1964, it is a non-profit organisation that exists to recruit for the British Army, through breathtaking public displays and thrilling tandem parachute jumps. The team is currently 15 persons strong, who are all full time serving paratroopers, who return to combat duties when required.

Why did we sponsor them? 

Cargostore is committed to supporting the Military and we were awarded our Armed Forces Covenant after pledging to support the Armed Forces including Veterans, Reservists and Military Families.

Furthermore, we currently hold the bronze award for the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme as we strive to employ ex-military personnel including an ex-Guards Division member on our board and an ex-Parachute Regiment Major in our Intermodal team.

How did we sponsor them? 

Cargostore supplied the Red Devils with a set of high tech Phoenix-Fly Wing-Suits and Tracking-Suits, emblazoned with the Cargostore logo, which allows the team to perform new tricks and stunts in their displays.

Cargostore Supporting Additional Charities

Applying our Sponsorship for Charitable Causes

The Red Devils complete over 350 tandem jumps every year, so we thought of ways we could make use of this to raise money for various charities in a unique and interesting way…

Case Studies

Jenny Farthing Jumps for Brain Tumour Research

On the 9th July 2019, 71 year old Jenny Farthing completed a tandem skydive supporting Brain Tumour Research.


Alan Jordan Jumps for Shooting Star Children's Hospice

Due to unsafe weather conditions, Alan’s jump has been rescheduled to the 22nd October.


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