Condensation generally builds up due to wet or damp goods being stored inside a container or due to temperature fluctuations outside the container.

To prevent condensation, use one of the following options:

Solution #1 – Absorpoles

One of the easiest, quickest and most affordable anti-condensation solutions is to use Absorpoles. Using the power of calcium chloride, they remove moisture from the air providing a long lasting solution for overseas shipments or long term storage.

(Image source: Absortech)

Quick guide to installing Absorpoles

Pull out the inner gray container about 50 millimeters. Then twist off the double pin.

Continue pulling out the inner gray container, which activates the Absorpole.
Match the two holes of the gray and blue parts.
Insert the double pin through the two holes from the back. Push the double pin all the way through until it clicks.
Hang the Absorpole on the container lashing ring.
Press hook downwards until it clicks into position.

Solution #2 – De-Humidifiers


Another short term, cost effective solution to condensation build up is the use of de-humidifiers. They are readily available to purchase from online hardware stores, however because a de-humidifier works by collecting moisture from the air and filling up a bucket of water, you will need to empty the bucket regularly.

Your de-humidifier will also need an external power supply.


Solution #3 – Container Lining


If you want a long term solution to condensation, you may like to consider having your container lined. There are several options for container lining including:

  • Grafo Therm Lining
  • Standard wood lining
  • Lining and insulation
Grafo Therm Lining
Affordable and efficient. Grafo Therm Lining acts as a thermal insulant. It is spray painted onto the inside of your container using a high pressure spray and also acts as a fungicide.
Standard Wood Lining
Depending on what you will use your container for, standard wood lining could be a long term option. Please note, that depending on external temperatures, the additional use of Absorpoles or de-humidifiers may also be required.
Lining and Insulation
If you intend to turn your container into an office, the use of insulation and lining is a long term option.
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