Cargostore Delivers Rapid Response Service To North Sea Client



Cargostore places a huge emphasis on investing in and developing strong working relationships with our network of both suppliers and clients. It’s vital we work in partnership with our clients in order to meet the often challenging time frames and safety standards required in the offshore energy sector. By choosing Cargostore, our clients get more than just a container, they get the support of our global network driven by our ethos ‘The answer is ‘yes’. Now what’s the question?’

A great example of this was a recent Saturday morning when Offshore Sales Manager, Dennis Schouwenaar was called by a North Sea drilling contractor requiring a Reefer Container on an emergency basis.

The client operates an oil rig in the Dutch North Sea, and they were experiencing issues with their refrigeration system holding the rig’s food supplies. Aware of the urgency, our 24/7 operations support team swung into action. The nearest units were quickly located at the depot of our long-standing client Rhenus Offshore Logistics. Not only allowing us to temporarily use a unit which was on lease to them, Rhenus were happy to send a team to open their yard on a weekend, enabling a 20ft DNV Reefer unit to be picked up by our transport company.

We delivered the unit into the safe hands of another long-standing client DHSS who oversaw loading onto the supply vessel in Eemshaven, thus completing an incredibly quick turnaround from the initial 9.30 am phone call to Dennis.

“Thanks a lot to Cargostore for their quick response and delivery of a reefer unit over the weekend. Their rapid response saved us from having to throw out a lot of food. The unit was delivered to the rig within 12 hrs from the request.” – Rene (Cargostore Client)

Whether you be operating in the North Sea oil industry, renewable energy industry or other, next time you find yourself needing an offshore unit within a short turn period of time, Cargostore will solve the problem for you.

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