Specify Tough DNV Offshore Baskets For Cargo and Personnel Transfer

Transferring Personnel And Cargo At Sea

Unless you’re planning to use jet packs like the Royal Navy, the standard MO for transferring personnel offshore is via helicopter – or in a basket craned up from a vessel.

But you’ll know from experience that the sea conditions are unlikely to be mirror-smooth like those in the video link above. They’ll probably be much more like the huge waves in this video…far from ideal. Look how hard those North Sea rollers are battering the rig. See how much the yellow cranes rise and fall in the powerful swell.

It’s for this reason that DNV baskets are so tough – because conditions offshore are utterly uncompromising. Offshore baskets and other DNV CCUs must be more robust than standard ISO units in case of accidental contact with the side of platforms, towers, drill ships and supply vessels. Accidents should never be inevitable but the merciless nature of the open sea makes them more likely.

Safety must always be paramount. View the 74-page Marine Safety Forum guidelines and the updated Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

Get expert technical advice from Cargostore on the best offshore baskets for your applications.

DNV Personnel Transfer Baskets

Cargostore’s 5ft DNV personnel transfer baskets are designed to carry a maximum of two people. But they’re rated to a maximum payload of 750 kg. That’s an indication of how very robust they are – look how the max payload far exceeds the average weight of two people.

The tare weight is the same as the payload, giving you an offshore gross weight of 1,500 kg. The external dimensions are 1.5 x 1.15 x 2.4 m, giving you an internal space of 1.4 x 1.05 x 2.2 m.

Every basket is supplied with DNV-certified slings. Find out more here and get a quote >>

Which 4ft Or 8ft DNV Basket For My Cargo?

Good 4ft DNV baskets are stackable to maximise deck space. They should have plenty of internal lashing rings to keep the payload secure during transfer and storage, points for securing a tarpaulin – plus forklift pockets for easy loading and transportation.

Cargostore’s 4ft DNV-certified and CSC-plated baskets are available with or without an additional swing side door. There is also a short 4ft turbine transfer version – a light and compact unit that enables tools and equipment to be moved to turbine platforms where space is tight.

All 4ft baskets are supplied with tarpaulins and DNV-certified slings as standard. Find out more here – click on the three tabs to see the specifications of each variant.

Expect more of the same high quality with our 8ft DNV baskets. They can be multi-stacked with the supplied DNV slings still fitted:

  • cubic capacity 5.14 m3
  • tare weight 1,120 kg
  • maximum payload for offshore 5,380 kg
  • gross weight 6,500 kg.

View the full specifications here >>

DNV Offshore Drum Baskets

Transport storage drums and tools safely and securely. Cargostore’s 14ft offshore drum baskets feature optional double swing doors for easy loading and unloading. Like other baskets, they can be multi-stacked with the DNV slings still fitted.

These tough, dependable baskets feature internal lashing points, along with fastening points for the optional tarpaulin. Cubic capacity is 8.17 m3. The maximum payload is 10,000 kg. Combined with a tare weight of 1,750 kg, this results in a gross weight of 11,750 kg.

View the full specifications here >>

Longer DNV Offshore Cargo Baskets – 21ft, 34ft, 45ft, 47ft

Don’t confuse our 21ft DNV baskets with our 20ft DNV half-heights. These stackable offshore baskets might be open-topped and of a similar height but they’re much skinnier at just 1.2 m wide – so they take up less space on deck.

With a capacity of 4.88m3, they can handle offshore payloads up to 8,000 kg. The tare weight is 1,150/1,550 kg, giving a maximum offshore gross weight of 9,150/9,550 kg. View the full specifications here >>

Also available are:

Why Cargostore For Offshore Baskets And CCUs?

Cargostore is the world’s largest supplier of DNV reefers and one of the fastest-growing suppliers of DNV CCUs. We understand the highly specialised demands of an offshore industry that is evolving to meet the world’s need for future energy systems.

Buy or lease from our wide range of offshore containers, DNV reefers, DNV half-heights, DNV tanks and DNV cargo and personnel transfer baskets.

We can also meet your requirements for onshore storage and intermodal transportation with an equally wide range of ISO containers. They include specialists CCUs such as:

Get Expert Advice On Leasing Containers

Contact Cargostore now in London, Abu Dhabi or Holland to buy or lease DNV or ISO containers. You will benefit from:

  • expert technical advice and fast quotes from our highly experienced team
  • seamless transition to a smooth and efficient finance team – fast credit checks and paperwork
  • excellent aftercare – proactive assistance for unit repairs and troubleshooting
  • depots around the world.


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