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Container Lining Solutions

Shipping Container Insulation is the perfect way to reach the desired temperature inside your shipping container, as well as reduce condensation build up. This is ideal for accommodation or office units, or for storing goods at a warmer temperature. This can be achieved through various methods such as grafotherm or ply lining.

Grafo-therm Lining

Grafo-therm anti-condensation coating is a cost effective, long term solution for preventing and treating container condensation

Condensation can be a serious problem due to damage to goods, and also premature wear and tear of your container through corrosion. All single skin steel or aluminium containers have the capacity to develop condensation, due to the environment and weather conditions they are often stored in. This condensation can drip onto goods stored within, and it also produces ideal conditions for mould to grow.

Grafo-therm lining is a simple, spray on solution which absorbs the moisture on the surface, it also has a highly efficient fungicide incorporated within to prevent the build up of mould.




Grafo-therm lining (white) sprayed onto the inside of a container (grey)

Standard Wood Lining

Standard wood lining provides an extra layer of protection from the elements for your cargo, it is also mildly insulating and is more aesthetically pleasing inside!

Standard wood lining prevents condensation dripping onto your goods, however without insulation, moisture can still form within the container and absorb into the wood. With this type of lining, we recommend the use of our Absorpoles to reduce the moisture absorbing into the wood and becoming damp.

It is slightly longer and more difficult to install than Grafo-therm lining, as it requires a professional to line the container. The process involves constructing a wooden frame which lines the inside of the container, which the sheets of ply-wood are then secured to.




A container fitted with ply lining 

Fully Insulated Lining

Fully insulated lining is the best form of container lining we offer, it provides the most protection and insulation from the the elements.

Fully insulated lining, like standard wood lining begins with a wooden frame which sits inside of the container. The gaps are then filled with thermal insulation before the whole surface is lined with ply wood sheets. This type of insulation is best for office containers, or accommodation units, as these units will be occupied for longer lengths of time.

Similar to standard wood lining, it is longer and more difficult to install than Grafo-therm lining, as it requires a professional to line the container.





An office container fully lined with thermal insulation, ready to be wood lined  

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