Quad-Con Units

Four CSC plated units which join together to form a TEU (Twenty foot equivalent) container.

The Quad-Con units are CSC plated allowing them to be transported by rail, road and sea. once on location, they can be separated and moved around the field of operation individually.

Our Quad-Con units are ISO certified and also come in a three container variety (Tri-Con Units) and a two container variety (Bi-Con Units).

Key Features

  • ISO certified and CSC plated for transporting by rail, sea and road
  • Four smaller units which connect to form a TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit)
  • Hire, purchase or request modifications
  • We deliver worldwide

Quad-Con Container Specifications

All specifications are indicative. Individual container dimensions may differ.

External Nominal Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
Cubic Capacity
Tare Weight
Max Gross Weight
Max Payload
Fork Pocket Distance
Door Opening Dimensions
Designed, Built and Certified
1.46 m x 2.44 m x 2.08 m (high), 4’ 9” x 8’ x 6’ 10” (high)
1.42 m x 2.29 m x 1.88 m, 4’ 8” x 7’ 6” x 6’ 2”
6.23 m³, 220 ft³
907 kgs, 2,000 lbs
5,080 kgs, 11,200 lbs
4,173 kgs, 9,200 lbs
902 mm
4’ 6” x 5’ 10.5” (high)
ISO Certified