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Ore Carrying Half Height

Cargostore’s Ore Carrying Half Heights are BK2 certified for heavy bulk loads not requiring large cubic capacity.

Ideal for diverse, dense cargo types transported by the mining and mineral by-product industries.

BK2 is an IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) code that redefines Bulk Containers. It differs from standard ISO in two main areas:

• End wall strength is greater, with test load of 0.6 payload, compared to 0.4 for a standard ISO container.

• Loose bulk must be contained without leakage.

BK2 Half Height Specifications


External Nominal Dimensions – 6m x 2.43m x 1.45m (high), 20’ x 8’ x 4’ 9” (high)

Internal Dimensions – 5.8m x 2.37m x 1.40m, 19’10” x 7’ 10” x 4’ 7”

Cubic Capacity – 15.5 m3 547 ft3

Tare Weight – 3,150 kgs, 6,940 lbs

Max Gross Weight – 33,000 kgs, 72,750 lbs lbs

Max Payload – 29,850 kgs, 65,810 lbs

Discharge Type – Tipping or Rotational

Structure –  Steel or aluminium exterior, stainless steel interior

Door Locking Gear – 4 sets including provision for seals and padlocks

All specifications are indicative. Individual container’s dimensions may differ.

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