Key Considerations When Hiring an Offshore DNV Container

If you work in one of the offshore renewable energy, catering or oil & gas industries, you really should consider hiring an offshore shipping container.

Offshore shipping containers (also known as DNV containers if certified to the DNV 2.7-1 standard) can handle the extreme weather conditions they are exposed to through open sea transportation and their deployment in harsh environments such as oil rigs or offshore wind farms.

This resilience is due in large part to the manufacturing process. These units are designed to withstand a very low minimum temperature and constructed with tough materials such as Corten steel or wrought alloy aluminium, making them both corrosion resistant and durable.

This, alongside rigorous testing and tough requirements, make them the obvious solution for those looking to transport cargo safely through an arduous transit.  Offshore containers can also be used as storage on-site, and act as additional space for personnel due to their strength and stability. Additionally, refrigerated DNV containers are perfect for transporting or storing chilled or frozen food to offshore sites.

Those clear benefits have helped DNV offshore containers become increasingly popular in a number of industries. However, if you’re considering hiring your own, there are a few things to consider before signing the lease papers.

Cargostore have sold and leased DNV containers to offshore industries for fifteen years, meaning you can rely on our experience and expertise to help you choose the right product for your needs.

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Example of an Offshore DNV 20ft Reefer

20ft-Closed-Top-Flat-Panel-15000kg Cargostore

Example of an Offshore DNV 20ft Closed Top CCU

How much will it cost to hire an offshore DNV container?

Hiring a DNV container is often far more cost effective than purchasing one outright. This is certainly true if yours are short-term requirements.

Understandably, how long you wish to hire a shipping container will impact the total cost as well as number of containers and the unit type. A single 20ft DNV Reefer Container can set you back tens of thousands of pounds, and you have to pay for storage at a depot when it isn’t in use. This makes renting a much more viable alternative.

What dimensions are available for DNV containers?

How you intend to use your DNV container will have a big impact on what dimensions you choose and Cargostore supply a huge range of container types and sizes to cater for all size requirements. If you’re looking at a DNV container for transporting or storing food, Cargostore offer DNV Twin Room Refrigerated Containers that allow you to chill and freeze simultaneously, with independent temperature controls, eliminating the need to hire more than one product.

Cargostore can also offer closed and open top DNV containers, DNV toolboxes and waste skips, DNV half height containers in a number of sizes and offshore baskets ranging from 4ft to 47ft.

The standard dimensions for an offshore shipping container are typically 10 or 20ft, however this will depend entirely on your application. Talk to a Cargostore team member to discuss the correct dimensions for you.

Where can I ship my hired DNV container?

The advantage of leasing containers from Cargostore means you get access to our extensive, global network of depots. We have developed long term relationships with reliable transportation suppliers to ensure your containers arrive on time, wherever you need them to be.

Can I modify my hired DNV container?

DNV containers can be modified to suit almost any need. Cargostore are able to create bespoke office units, modified DNV Reefer Containers and workshops and mud labs alike.

DNV shipping containers are extremely versatile. If required, you can have your DNV container fitted with lighting, power sockets geared to any voltage specification and shelving units. This makes them suitable for offices or even workshops, as units can be fitted however you please. Desks, workbenches, flooring and insulation can all be installed, allowing you to utilise the space within the container and fit all relevant technology needed to complete your project.

What certificates does my hired DNV container need?

Due to their uses, DNV containers are far more complex than their ISO counterparts. Firstly, DNV containers need to be approved for offshore use. For this to happen, containers must go through a standardised assessment of design appraisal, inspection, and testing. These inspections will be done to the DNV 2.7-1 guidelines.

Those guidelines work to safeguard the personnel who operate alongside these containers. They are therefore imperative for any DNV container. All offshore containers leased by Cargostore are DNV 2.7-1 approved for your safety and to guarantee longevity. All DNV containers must be recertified annually (or six monthly in the UAE). At Cargostore, we provide an online customer portal where certificates can instantly be downloaded and printed to show inspectors at the depot.


Due to their versatility and resistance to extreme conditions, offshore DNV containers are in demand across the offshore industry with many countries now requiring the DNV standard for all offshore containers. Their ability to safely transport cargo, store important foodstuffs efficiently, and create more office or workshop space for offshore personnel has meant that they are able to serve multiple industries effectively.

Hiring an DNV offshore container is a great solution for many uses as it is often more cost effective than purchasing a container yourself. Call us today on 02088791900 to discuss your offshore container requirements or click here to get a quick quote.


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