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How to Increase Your Container Security

Find out how to secure your container properly with our heavy duty padlocks and lock boxes.

Container Security Features

It’s important to make sure your shipping container is kept locked and secure, particularly if you are using it to store valuable equipment, chemicals or supplies.

A standard shipping container door is fitted with two vertical lock rods to enable opening, closing and locking of the doors. Cargostore can also provide a range of additional features to improve the container security, such as heavy duty padlocks and lock boxes, which you can learn how to use correctly below.


How to close and lock your doors


  • Start by closing the left-hand door
  • Make sure the locking bars go into their locking keepers at the top and bottom of the container
  • Engage the cams and keepers and then twist both handles
  • Put the handles into the mounts and close the locking lapses
  • Repeat the process with the right hand door
  • Slide the shackle of your lock closed on the locking bar to secure
  • You should now not be able to turn or open the locking bar

Using the Lock Box correctly


  • Make sure you close the doors fully by following the instructions above
  • Unlock your heavy duty padlock, and pull the spindle out.
  • Insert the padlock up into the lockbox, and make sure it goes around the locking pin.
  • Push the padlock spindle through the locking pin, turn the key and remove in order secure the padlock.


Need a Shipping Container Lock?

Learn more about our range of heavy duty padlocks and additional container security options by visiting our page below.

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