How Many Pallets Fit In A 20′ Container?

How many pallets fit in a 20 container? In a nutshell, a 20ft container can fit 11 Euro Pallets or 10 Standard Pallets while a 40ft container fits 24 Euro Pallets or 21 Standard Pallets. Read on to find out the difference between Euro and Standard Pallets.

After all, it’s important to be able to fit as many pallets as possible in order to maximise the amount of items you can transport during shipping.

How Many Pallets Fit in a Container Cargostore

The number of pallets you can securely fit into each container depends on how large the container is and the amount of pallets that are available.

Two basic types of pallets are generally used for this purpose – Euro Pallets and Standard Pallets. The former are the most commonly used pallet; in fact, it is estimated that around 450-500 million Euro pallets are being circulated across the world during ocean freight shipments.

When we talk about standard pallet size or Euro pallet size, both types are 1200mm long with one major distinction: Euro pallet dimensions are 800mm in width compared to the standard pallet size in the UK, which is 1000mm wide.

How many pallets fit in a 20ft container?

Now that we are aware of the ‘standard pallet size UK’ for both Euro and Standard, we can address another very important question: “How many pallets in a 20ft container?”

In a 20ft container, you should be able to fit at least 11 Euro pallets and 10 Standard pallets.

How many pallets fit in a 40ft container?

If you’re looking to ship goods in a larger container, then you probably want to know, “how many pallets fit in a 40ft shipping container?”

Forty foot containers can accommodate up to 24 Euro pallets and 20 Standard pallets. However, it’s important to remember that only Euro pallets can be placed lengthwise in these containers as they are 200mm narrower compared to Standard pallets.

Fortunately, some 40ft containers are available in a ‘pallet wide’ option, allowing you to transport up to 30 Euro pallets and 24 Standard pallets.

What is the standard pallet size in the UK?

The standard pallet size in the UK is 1200mm x 1000mm which is commonly used across the nation. In contrast, Euro pallet dimensions are 1200mm x 800mm.

In conclusion, you can fit a lot of pallets into a shipping container – as many as 24 standard pallets, to be exact. But the number of pallets you can fit will depend on the size and type of container you’re using. So, if you’re planning on shipping a lot of pallets, make sure to choose the right container for the job.

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