Fuel Storage & Delivery Container

A fully certified and compliant tank for the storage and delivery of diesel.

The Fuel Storage & Delivery Container is a specialised container, perfect for on-site storage of diesel or as a re-locatable fuel distribution centre.

Key Features

  • Tank interior treated with anti-corrosion protection Complies with AS1692 & AS1940
  • Lockable pump bay with walkway and top access dipping area
  • Sloped floor to allow for full tank evacuation
  • 300mm sump on tank floor to optimise water management Overfill alarm and calibration stick fitted as standard
  • 3” Cranked and capped free air vent for Diesel
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  • ISO certified and CSC plated for transporting by rail, sea and road
  • Hire, purchase or request modifications
  • We deliver worldwide

Fuel Storage & Delivery Container Specifications

All specifications are indicative. Individual container dimensions may differ.

External Nominal Dimensions
6m x 2.43m x 2.6m (high), 20’ x 8’ x 8’ 6” (high)
Double walled carbon steel tank approved to UL 142 or ULCS-601
Designed, Built and Certified
ISO Certified