Cargostore Joins the

Humanitarian Logistics Association


Director of Intermodal, Mr Kevin Cudby authorised the joining of the Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA) late December 2019.

The HLA, as a non-profit, international membership association for humanitarian logistics professionals and organisations that respond to take relief to and create infrastructure for those affected by global emergencies, aligned with Cargostore’s expansion into the Stability and Aid market.

Says Mr Cudby, ‘There is growing demand for our Refrigerated Containers and expandable Cold Storage Facility in high-risk zones and off-grid sites being used for aid relief. Cargostore delivers globally and at short notice, which makes us able to assist clients within the time frame they require for these situations.

The Cold Storage Facility in particular is useful because it can be expanded to accommodate growing demand. Their energy efficiency coupled with Cargostore’s Smart Energy System technology makes them an ideal solution.

We wanted to support the HLA in their efforts to ensuring all logistics operates smoothly in high-risk areas so that our containers, with or without life-saving cargo, reaches our clients and the people they are assisting.”


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