Cargostore Worldwide Announce Expansion into Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico Aligning with Local Provider, Harren & Partner Mexico.


Cargostore Worldwide, a leading supplier of DNV 2.7-1 certified offshore containers (CCUs) today announced their expansion into Mexico, opening a depot in Ciudad del Carmen. The move cements their position as a growing supplier of DNV offshore containers to the Gulf of Mexico region.

The expansion is in partnership with local ship management and offshore service provider ‘Harren & Partner’ who have been based in Ciudad del Carmen since 2014. Their extensive knowledge of the local market coupled with Cargostore’s specialised fleet of containers and experience in establishing key partnerships, will allow them to provide a structured service to offshore oil projects in the region.

The depot is now fully operational with the first batch of DNV 2.7-1 Reefer containers having recently arrived and leased for a project in the Gulf. More containers are being mobilized to the region and a full suite of containers will be available to lease over the coming weeks and months.

Cargostore’s development into Mexico comes rapidly after their move into Taiwan in Q2 2020, which is a testament to their swift and expansive growth plans and strong position in the industry, despite COVID-19.

Says Andrew Hart, Vice President Offshore, Cargostore Worldwide. “After months of planning and laying the groundwork for the expansion, it is exciting to see the move finally come to fruition. I look forward working closely with Harren & Partner in providing the very best in customer service supporting the offshore oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Says Ned Mihaljevic, Executive Director Capt., Harren & Partner Mexico. “Harren & Partner Mexico has over the last couple of years expanded its presence in Mexico and the offshore container space, providing DNV certified containers for sale and lease, as well as integrated offshore projects utilizing containers. Cargostore’s wide range of product offering is complementing our future vision to be the best and largest local provider of both accommodation and technical containers to our clients in Mexico.”

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