40ft Open Side High Cube Container

Reliable, sturdy and fully certified open side containers for storage or for transportation.

The 40ft Side Door Container is a specialised container for the storage and transportation of goods offering a large capacity as well as full side door for access to stored goods quickly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • ISO certified and CSC plated for transporting by rail, sea and road
  • Full unobstructed side door access in addition to the front door.
  • Timber floor
  • Available in: 20ft, 20ft High Cube, 20ft Hazardous Goods, 40ft High Cube sizes, as well as our TwinDeck which has a mid-deck offering increased floor space.
  • Hire, purchase or request modifications
  • We deliver worldwide

40ft Open Side High Cube Container Specifications

All specifications are indicative. Individual container dimensions may differ.

External Nominal Dimensions
12m x 2.43m x 2.9m (high), 40’ x 8’ x 9’ 6” (high)
Internal Dimensions
11.8m x 2.35m x 2.7m, 39’ 4” x 7’ 8” x 8’ 10”
Cubic Capacity
74.8m³, 2,641ft³
Tare Weight
3,660 kgs, 8,068 lbs
Max Gross Weight
28,000 kgs, 61,729 lbs
Max Payload
24,340 kgs, 53,660 lbs
Steel doors, sides and roof. Timber floor.
Side Door Access
11.8m x 2.3m, 38' 9" x 7' 7"
Designed, Built and Certified
ISO Certified

20 and 40ft Reefers Available in the UAE

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