20ft Heavy Duty Open Top Container with Swinging Header

Cargostore’s 20ft Offshore Open Top Container with Swinging Headers are DNV 2.7-1 certified for offshore use with an increased payload and swinging header.

Cargostore’s DNV Open Top Containers are designed to accommodate larger objects that cannot be loaded into a regular sized shipping container. The 20ft Heavy Duty Open Top Container with Swinging Header also has the added benefits of a larger payload, as well as a swinging header for ease of access.

Open Tops have a removable tarpaulin cover that enables bulky items to be loaded and unloaded from the top. This makes them suitable for items such as lumber and scrap metal that might not easily fit into a container with a solid roof.

We supply DNV Open Top CCU’s in 10ft and 20ft standard and also a range of ISO certified Open Top Containers in various sizes.

Key Features of our 20ft Offshore Open Top Container with Swinging Header

  • DNV 2.7-1 certified and CSC plated
  • Robust, reliable and proven design
  • Supplied with roof bows and tarpaulins fitted
  • Available in 10ft and 20ft sizes
  • Units can be stacked with their slings still attached
  • Worldwide availability

20ft DNV Open Top Specifications

Slings – Units supplied with DNV certified slings

External nominal dimensions – 20’ x 8’ x 8’ 6” (high), 6m x 2.43m x 2.59m (high)

Internal dimensions – 19’ 2” x 7’ 7” x 7’ 6”, 5.84m x 2.22m x 2.28m

Cubic capacity – 1,151ft³, 32.6m³

Tare weight – 8,157 lbs, 3,700 kgs

Max Gross Weight (for offshore) – 43,431 lbs, 19,700 kgs

Max Gross Weight (for ISO) – 67,200 lbs, 30,480 kgs

Max Payload (for offshore) – 35,274 lbs, 16,000 kgs

Max Payload (for ISO) – 59,040 lbs, 26,780 kgs

Stacking – Can be stacked with supplied slings attached

Designed, Built and CertifiedCCUs manufactured pre 2018 – Designed, built and certified to DNV 2.7-1 / BS EN12079

                                                      CCUs manufactured post 2018 – Designed , built and certified to DNV 2.7-1 / ISO 10855-1

All specifications are indicative. Individual container dimensions may differ.

What do open top containers carry?

Open top containers are like shipping containers but they have an extended capacity to allow for larger items.  Open tops are ideal for loading scrap metal and timber with large cranes as they can just be loaded right into the container from the top which makes it a lot easier than loading a conventional storage container.

Other uses include:

  • Recycling or waste material
  • Over-height cargo
  • Oversized cargo that needs the sides of the container to hold it in (rather than just using a flat rack or platform container)
  • Construction supplies for wind farms or oil rigs
  • Pipes and metal that is too tall for a regular container or too long for a flat rack container

Want to know more? Check out our article on buying and leasing Open Top Containers.

Looking for a regular ISO open top container?

Cargostore also supplies a large range of ‘regular’ ISO certified shipping containers. Click here to see our range.


Cargostore supplies DNV open top containers with no minimum rental period and global delivery. Available from our many depots worldwide. Contact us today at offshore@cargostore.com or phone +44 (0)208 879 1900


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