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Need A Shipping Container Lock?

Browse our range of effective, heavy duty shipping container locks and additional security options for your container.

Shipping Container Security

Theft of equipment is problem facing many industries such as farming, freight forwarding and construction.

Shipping containers are a great option for storage as they are portable and keep goods dry. They are also excellent for secure storage on-site after ensuring you utilise an appropriate container locking mechanism.

Cargostore has several security measures you can put in place for your container ranging from lock boxes to heavy duty padlocks and more, so you can rest assured knowing your valuable goods are safe.


Heavy Duty Container Lock


Normal padlocks may look chunky, but can be removed with surprising ease. A thief armed with bolt cutters can cut through a common padlock in less than 20 seconds.

For peace of mind, you need a secure, super heavy duty padlock made of solid hardened steel from Cargostore.

Designed to resist sawing, prying and rust, the shackle for these locks is harder and more shielded than on a typical padlock, making them far more difficult to get at with bolt cutters. 

Shipping-Container-Lock-Cargostore-Worldwide 500px

Container Lock Boxes


You can also choose to add an extra layer of security by having a container lock box installed. This is a steel box which is securely welded to the container and encloses your padlock so it can only be accessed from the underside.

Lock boxes prevent thieves from forcing open or cutting through the padlock using crow bars, angle grinders or bolt cutters, as well as shielding your padlock from the elements.

Thieves know that lock boxes require a huge amount of effort to circumvent, so they act as an excellent deterrent against burglary. Our lock boxes are welded to the container, so please order prior to delivery.


Cargostore also offers bespoke security measures including alarm systems.

Unsure how to lock your container?


We have prepared a handy guide that walks you through the whole process. Just click the button below to view.

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