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We supply a range of equipment specific to the offshore catering industry, from DNV Certified Offshore Reefers to Waste Skips.

3m3 DNV Waste Skip

  • Economically friendly.
  • Saves on transport and trucking costs.

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10ft DNV/ISO Reefer CCU

Energy efficient, portable and secure storage of goods requiring temperature control. 

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20ft DNV/ISO Reefer CCU

Our most popular container, Cargostore is the largest supplier of DNV 20ft Offshore Reefers in the world. 

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Clip-On Genset

Simple, efficient and eco-friendly power solution for reefers when they are remote from an external power source.

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20ft ISO Refrigerated Container

Value for money refrigerated container, ISO certified for storing goods on land.

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40ft ISO Refrigerated Container

Larger size 40ft ISO certified for storing temperature controlled goods on land.

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Cargostore maintains a wide product range of equipment for the Offshore Catering industry.

We stock 10ft and 20ft Offshore Reefers, 10, 20 and 40ft ISO Reefers (for dockside storage), Clip On Gensets as well as Waste Skips and bespoke units.

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