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The Cargostore Mission Statement

Our Mission is to serve our customers worldwide irrespective of location and ensure we work with our customers seamlessly to help them achieve their goals and objectives. The Cargostore Worldwide Trading Ltd. team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to rapidly respond to any customer requirements through our global networks and effective partnerships with depots and service providers.
Our goal and objective is to grow with our customers and we aim to achieve this by providing exceptional customer service through our motto ‘Global Reach, Local Touch’ and through building ethical business partnerships.

Environmental Policy

Cargostore Worldwide Trading Ltd recognises it has a responsibility to ensure its operations contribute towards environmental sustainability and aims to improve its environmental performance by:
  • Increasing awareness amongst employees and stakeholders and other interested parties;
  • Providing information, instruction, training and supervision as required;
  • Promoting best practice;
  • Encouraging the development of innovative ideas and initiatives;
  • Ensuring, as a minimum, that legal compliance is achieved and that any other customer, partner internal or external influences etc. environmental requirements. are met;
  • Reducing waste and the consumption of energy, water and other natural resources;
  • Increasing the use of recycled material and products from sustainable sources.
We will ‘THINK GREEN’:
  • Wherever we have the capability and/or influence conduct our business in the most environmentally friendly manner.
  • Avoid using services or purchasing goods that are clearly of detriment to our World.
  • Ensure used materials such as obsolete computer systems, components, paper, cardboard and ink cartridges etc. are recycled. Where possible, container parts will be returned to the manufacturer for reprocessing.
  • Limit the volume of rubbish produced in the office;
  • Consider the need to print.  Do I need to print this document?
  • Minimise the use of power, for example, by turning off any electrical equipment not currently in use.
  • Committed to continual improvement, the prevention of pollution and protection of the environment;
  • Ensure this Policy is communicated to all employees and made available to the Public.