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DNV Offshore Tool Box

DNV 2.7-1 certified secure toolbox for the storage and transport of offshore equipment.

The DNV Offshore Tool Box is a specialised container for the storage and transportation of offshore equipment. Certified to DNV 2.7-1 standards, this unit is built with a heavy duty design, with full width end doors and spring assisted roof lid for easy loading and access.

  • DNV 2.7-1 certified
  • Can be multi-stacked with slings fitted
  • Robust, reliable and proven design
  • Built to withstand the harsh offshore conditions
  • Worldwide availability

DNV Offshore Tool BoxSpecifications


Slings – Units supplied with DNV certified slings

External nominal dimensions – 4’ x 7’ 2″ x 3’ 8” (high) 1.23m x 2.20m x 1.14m (high)

Internal dimensions – 3’ x 6’ 3” x 2’ 9”, 0.92m x 1.92m x 0.84m

Cubic capacity – 52ft³, 1.48m³

Tare weight – 1,870 lbs, 850 kgs

Max Gross Weight (for offshore) – 12,890 lbs, 5,850 kgs

Max Payload (for offshore) – 11,020 lbs, 5,000 kgs

Features – Full width end doors and spring assisted roof lid access

Flexibility – Can be multi-stacked with slings fitted

Designed, Built and Certified – DNV 2.7-1, BS EN 12079

All specifications are indicative. Individual container’s dimensions may differ.

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