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What are Reefer Containers…?

…And what do you use them for?

A reefer container is a refrigerated shipping container used to store or transport frozen or cold goods, perishable items or goods that require temperature control.

Reefers make an excellent, portable solution to short or long term storage and can be used to ship or truck goods over long distances as they can be plugged into the power station on ships or have clip on generators attached.

They can also be powered using our Smart Energy Systems, our efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to diesel generators, which are perfect for off-grid scenarios. Learn More.

Cargostore Reefers are wind and water tight with secure lockable doors and are available in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft sizes.

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Why are Reefers so useful?


Broad Temperature Range

A Reefer container can sustain a temperature in the range of -35°C to +30°C (-30°C to +30°C for Offshore Reefers) meaning they can keep goods warm as well as cool.

Versatile airflow

For frozen goods, air flows around, under and up the sides of goods, to maintain the set temperature.

Versatile airflow

For chilled goods, air flows around, under and up the INSIDE of goods, to maintain the required temperature.

Highly Portable

Our Reefers are designed to be easily transported, making them ideal for transporting temperature dependent cargo such as food or medicine.


10ft ISO Reefer Container

20ft ISO Reefer Container

40ft ISO Reefer Container

20ft ISO Dual Temperature Reefer Container

20ft ISO Cold Storage Container

Temporary Cold Storage Facility


10ft DNV 2.7-1 Reefer Container

20ft DNV 2.7-1 Reefer Container

20ft DNV 2.7-1 Dual Temperature Reefer Container

Unsure how to program your Reefer?

Visit our in-depth guide about how to program your Reefer Container, from setting the temperature to adjusting the humidity.

Uses for refrigerated containers 

Restaurants and Hotels

Reefers provide a quick solution for storage of foods, drinks and ingredients that restaurants and hotels use on a daily basis.

Seasonal Festivals and Fairs

Reefers are an ideal means for storage for foods and beverages at events. They can be easily deployed and removed when the event finishes for easy temporary storage.

Pharmaceutical Storage

Certain pharmaceuticals and other drugs need to be kept in a high controlled environment. Factors such as humidity and temperature may need to be kept at a constant or the effectiveness of the drug could be compromised.

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Cargostore CoronaVirus Updates

Cargostore CoronaVirus Updates

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