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Keep your equipment safe using secure, portable shipping containers for storage.

shipping container security

1080Many of our customers come to us when they need a solution to store valuable tools, equipment, chemicals or supplies. Shipping containers are a great option for storage, because unlike renting a storage unit, containers are portable and can be located wherever is most convenient for you. The container will keep your items dry and secure and the entire unit and its contents can then be moved to a new location at any time.

When valuable items such as tools or equipment are stored in out of the way locations like farms or construction sites, they can be an attractive targets for thieves or vandals. There’s been a sharp increase in farm theft and plant theft costs the UK construction industry over £800 million a year. Cargo theft is also a huge problem for freight forwarders.

Storing your supplies and equipment in secure shipping containers is an effective way to deter burglars, and more practical and cost-efficient than installing an alarm system, security cameras or fencing off large areas, but it’s vital to make sure your container is properly locked.

Heavy duty padlocks

Normal padlocks may look chunky, but can be removed with surprising ease. A thief armed with boltcutters can cut through a common padlock in less than 20 seconds. For peace of mind, you need a more secure option than something you can buy in a hardware store.

Cargostore can supply super heavy duty padlocks made of solid hardened steel to secure your container. Designed to resist sawing, prying and rust, the shackle for these locks is harder and more shielded than on a typical padlock, making them far more difficult to get at with boltcutters.

heavy duty padlock
container lock box

Container lock boxes

You can also choose to add an extra layer of security by having a container lock box installed. This is a steel box which is securely welded to the container and encloses your padlock so it can only be accessed from the underside. Lock boxes prevent thieves from forcing open or cutting through the padlock using crow bars, angle grinders or boltcutters, as well as shielding your padlock from the elements.

Thieves know that lock boxes require a huge amount of effort to circumvent, so they act as an excellent deterrent against burglary. As our lock boxes are welded to the container, they need to be ordered prior to delivery.

Storage theft is preventable


Properly locked and secured shipping containers are one of the most effective ways to prevent storage theft on your property. In fact, the UK Police Force regularly use shipping containers to keep their own storage secure.

Cargostore has been helping companies and individuals keep their equipment secure since 1993. If you’d like some advice or information, contact us today.


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