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Container Lighting Solutions


Simple, affordable lighting solutions for your storage container. 

Cargostore containers are a reliable, secure solution for storing goods and valuable equipment, however loading containers in the dark can be hazardous both to yourself and to your cargo. We offer a range of lighting solutions to keep you and your cargo safe.


Battery Operated Magnetic Lighting

These lights are perfect for a cheaper, temporary lighting solution as they provide instant lighting without any installation.  Battery Operated Magnetic Lights are portable and can be used inside the container and out. They can be attached using the hook or by the embedded magnets in the back.


Dimensions: 27cm x 6cm x 3.5cm

Weight: 0.15kg

Power Source: 4 x AA Batteries


Flourescent Strip Lighting

Fluorescent Strip lighting is a long term lighting solution solution as they are installed professionally by an electrician with all the safety measures included, such as a fuse box and circuit breakers. They provide visibility for working at night. 


Wattage: As required

Length: As required

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Bespoke Lighting

Cargostore is able to provide any lighting solution required from rows of spotlights (as shown in the image left), to ceiling spotlights with a user friendly off/on switch.

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Uses for containers with lighting

Reception area for a construction company

A reception area for a construction company or similar could be really beneficial as is it portable and can be moved between sites with ease.


  • Looks Professional
  • Keeps staff warm and dry
  • Portable

Portable classroom

A portable classroom can be useful for a temporary fix when a classroom is in construction or out of use. It could also be used as a portable changing room or container for sports events.


Portable Workshop

A Portable workstation that can travel with you wherever necessary! With electrical sockets and desks fitted into the container, you can work on projects and bring the container to a location that suits you best.