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Container Accessories

We stock a wide range of container accessories ranging from heavy duty padlocks through to ramps and lighting solutions.

Container Moisture Traps

Easy, affordable anti-condensation solution.

  • Long shelf life
  • Each Moisture Trap holds up to 2 litres of captured moisture – when the trap becomes full it can be taken out and disposed of in the regular waste.
  • Environmentally friendly product with no hazardous or toxic materials. 100% Recyclable
  • Suitable for everything from textiles and leather to electronics and machinery
  • Effective range (-20 degrees C to +80 degrees C)
  • Made out of recycled plastic


High Security Lock Box

Extra security heavy duty lock box designed to stop thieves cutting padlocks.

  • Protects your padlock by housing it inside a steel box which is securely welded to the container.
  • Tamper and bolt cutter proof


Heavy Duty Padlock

Cargostore supply super heavy duty padlocks designed especially for shipping containers.

  • Dimensions H: 104mm, W: 70mm, D: 28mm
  • Solid hardened steel body
  • Hardened steel chrome plated shackle
  • Inner mechanism is corrosion proof brass
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Rotating shackle / closed shackle
  • Anti-rust, anti-prying, anti-sawing
  • Comes with 5 latest technology keys


Container Loading Ramps

Gain easy access into your container for easy load in/ out with a sturdy container ramp.

Available in a variety of sizes.


Battery Operated Magnetic Lighting

Affordable, temporary lighting solution.

Battery Operated Magnetic Lights are portable and can be used inside the container and out. They can be attached using the hook or by the embedded magnets in the back.

  • Dimensions: 27cm x 6cm x 3.5cm
  • Weight: 0.15kg
  • Power Source: 4 x AA Batteries


Stick-On Instant Container Lights

Affordable, easy lighting solution. These stick-on container lights can be placed anywhere to provide instant light.


DNV 2.7-1 Slings

Order additional DNV rated slings for lifting DNV 2.7-1 CCUs on and off ships and trucks.


Container and CCU Tarpaulin

Cover your goods and equipment during storage or transport with a heavy duty Cargostore tarpaulin.

Designed expecially for our containers and CCUs.


Cargostore stocks a wide variety of container and CCU accessories. Padlocks, ramps, tarps, lock boxes  and slings are available to rent as well as purchase.