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All the accessories a container ever needs.

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Heavy Duty Padlocks

Keep your belongings safe and secure with one of our heavy duty padlocks.


Container Moisture Sticks

Keep the moisture out and your equipment snug as a bug with our handy moisture absorption poles. 

Container Lighting

Need night time lighting? We can install lighting in your container so there’s no need to bring a torch. 

Container Lock Box

Get extra security with our heavy duty lock box. Designed to stop thieves cutting padlocks.


Standard Lining


We can provide standard lining for any sized shipping container.


Grafo Therm Lining

Grafo Therm is anti-condensation lining and will keep goods dry as a bone.



Lining and Insulation

Create a mobile office or cafe with one of our bespoke containers and have it lined and insulated for temperature control.

Container Ramps

Create ease of access with our heavy duty container ramps. Cut to specification.


0800 862 0388 | +44 (0)208 879 1900 | sales@cargostore.com